Efficiency meets precision with Kontrola’s Bookkeeping Services, where we seamlessly integrate your financial operations. From recording journals to QuickBooks, or the software of your preference, and posting general ledgers, our approach ensures accuracy at every step. As Financial Accounting experts, we go beyond routine bookkeeping by (1) reconciling statements, (2) managing accounts receivable and accounts payable by communicating with clients and vendors alike, (3) linking journal transactions to analyze profitability per project, and (4) auditing and reporting as we go. 

Our treasury management services cover everything from preparing checks to making deposits. Calculating and allocating expenditures across profit centers is a strategic exercise that enhances financial efficiency. The maintenance of electronic records attached to the accounting system ensures accessibility and transparency. From preparing forms 1099 to maintaining a fixed asset schedule, Kontrola’s Bookkeeping Services offer a comprehensive solution for your financial management needs.

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