Years: 2023-on going
Location: Portland, OR
Service Tier: 1 + Board Advisory

Our client is a small business located in Portland, Oregon that urgently needed to replace their
accounting team who oversaw (1) bookkeeping, (2) Accounts Receivables, (3) Accounts Payables, and (4)
communication with the company’s attorney and CPA. Moreover, our client retained our ConsultingBoard-Advisory services.


During the onboarding process, we retroactively conducted a bookkeeping analysis to reconcile year-todate accounting journals including the actual debt with company’s vendors as well as actual pending
receivables from customers. Additionally, all Financial Statements and bank accounts year-to-date had to
be audited, reconciled, and tallied to reflect actual balances.


Our client’s challenge was to set the ground to double their revenues during the following financial year,
and to accomplish that, we helped them to create the Business Strategy by (1) implementing new
inventory control systems, (2) creating new SOP’s, (3) recruiting key stakeholders, such as high-profiled
Office Manager and a new sales team, and (4) brainstorming on new sales strategies.


Our company creates weekly reports to (1) follow-up on Accounts Receivables’ collections, (2) stay on
top of Accounts Payables to ensure punctual payments, and (3) Payment Plan to determine the
cashflows needed to ensure business continuity. Furthermore, we create (1) Sales Forecasts, (2) Financial
Statements, (3) Inventory Reports, and (4) analyze Cash Conversion Cycles (including Days Inventory
Ratio, to determine efficiencies) on demand.


Kontrola services cover the following positions: Board, AP, AR, Bookkeeper, HR-Screening-Interviewing

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