Logistics and Supply Chain

Years: 2014-on going
Location: Chicago, IL
Service Tier: 3 + Consulting + C-Suite Interim + Board Member

Our client needed to establish a brand-new business from its very foundation. For that, we created a
business plan including: (1) Company Description, (2) Market Analysis in the Chicagoland Area, (3)
Organizational Chart, Job Descriptions, and Milestones and Deliverables, (4) Marketing and Sales
Strategy, (5) a 5-year Finance Projection, (6) Motto, Culture, and Mission, and (7) KPIs across the entire


Our services included a deep market research based on our client niche market, which served as a solid
basis for a thorough financial study that included: (1) Return on Investment (ROI), (2) Sunk, Fix, and
Variable cost and expenses, (3) Breakeven analysis, and (4) Gross and Net Project Profitability
Calculators, which also allowed our client to purchase real estate and other assets to kick off operations.


Our client also required us to directly engage in the recruitment process of knowledgeable industry
experts to lay a robust company organizational chart. With our direct guidance, these experts recruited
the right human capital to work under their supervision.


Our client retained our services for the next years during which time we helped them to open five
divisions implementing OSHA compliance regulatory and procurement practices, KPIs (Kep Performance
Indicators), reports, and SOPs across all divisions and departments; Finance and Operations’ KPIs were
tailored based on our client’s business diversification structure, which considered (1) gross and (2) net
profitability thresholds as well as (3) staff execution per project. Additionally, we advised them on major
project negotiations and long-term legal agreements.


The company’s mission included Basic Principles that our company coached managers and directors on.
These moral, ethical, and professional principles became the main culture of the company and helped to
retain human capital which turnaround was close to zero.


During that time, our team worked closely with the sales department establishing sales targets per
industry and line of business as well as monitoring the whole on-boarding process from the first contact
with the prospect to the internal kick off ensuring good communication across all departments:
Technology, Operations, AR, and Finance.


Kontrola services cover the following positions: Board, CEO, CFO, Director of Finance, Controller,
Bookkeeper, Billing Management, Sales Manager, HR Recruiter, Trainers, and Coaches.

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